Fiduciary Assessments

Any organization’s leaders can claim they practice good fiscal management, but interested parties want reassurance. Just as important, an organization’s investment managers can be held legally liable for their decisions.


More and more these days that reassurance comes in the form of third-party fiduciary assessments and the opportunity for certification. These assessments can help instill confidence for parties who have an interest in a business or organization and are concerned about their investment process and ongoing fiduciary liability. The Hardy Reed Assessment of Fiduciary Performance provides evidence of how well an investment steward meets the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence as defined by the Prudent Practices for Investment Stewards Handbook.

The questions asked and information gathered during this assessment allow investment stewards to demonstrate that they are fulfilling the fiduciary duties required of them by investment legislation, case law, and regulatory opinion letters.  At Hardy Reed, our team of assessment specialists is approved to conduct impartial, third-party assessments of financial management systems according to the principles of the international standard ISO/IEC 17021.

Any person who manages the assets of others may benefit; including:

  • Investment committees managing foundations and endowments
  • Administrators and committee members of retirement plans or corporate assets

Any party who might have an interest or a stake in an organization’s financial health may care about the outcome:

  • Retirement plan participants
  • Current or prospective donors
  • Clients of the company or organization
  • Governmental authorities

An assessment illuminates an organization’s investment decision-making process and encourages the implementation of investment best practices.

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