Investment Consulting

Investment consulting is the astute supervision of investments to achieve financial goals. Successful investing requires our wealth management team to know a client’s values, concerns, goals, and most important challenges and then design and monitor an investment strategy to help them realize their objectives. Trust and open communication from both the team and client are essential components of the investment planning process.


Explore the Hardy Reed Process

Not every advisor manages investments the same. Below are areas of distinction among advisors and financial firms. They are central to selecting an advisor and firm you will work well with for a successful long term relationship.

Our Investment Approach

  • Fiduciary Guidance and Conflicts of Interest
  • Firm Structure – Employee-owned/ Team approach
  • Credentials and Experience
  • Fee Structure
  • Investment Approach & Key Concepts –
    • Passive versus active funds
    • Portfolio construction
    • Risk, cost, & returns
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