Our Process

Money means different things to different people. Determining what it means to you is critical and is the foundation upon which comprehensive, consultative wealth management is built.


Hardy Reed’s consultative process unfolds over a series of meetings. 


Explore the Hardy Reed Process

The Discovery Meeting
The Discovery Meeting is an in-depth interview and series of questions focused on gaining a clear understanding of your long-term and short-term goals, values, important relationships, current financial situation, and challenges. We use the information gathered to create a detailed wealth management plan and to build the foundation for meeting your goals and objectives.  

Investment Plan Meeting
During the Investment Plan Meeting, we will present our recommendations for your personal wealth management plan to achieve your wealth enhancement and preservation goals.  We will cover our wealth management approach and process in detail and explain the reasons for our recommendations and for our working together.

Mutual Commitment Meeting
In the Mutual Commitment Meeting, we mutually determine whether we want to move forward and formalize our partnership. If so, we will begin the process of implementing the wealth management recommendations.     

45-Day Follow-up Meeting
Our next scheduled meeting is the 45-Day Follow-up Meeting. During this meeting, we will help you organize the paperwork for the new accounts that have been opened and answer any questions you may have about the process so far. We will also begin the process of working on your advanced plan objectives and setting priorities for achieving your comprehensive wealth management strategy.

Regular Progress Meeting
Regular Progress Meetings are held over the life of our relationship. These meetings address any changes personally, professionally or financially in a client’s life since the previous meeting; report on your progress toward achieving different priorities and financial goals; review and assess whether your investments are on track; and discuss any specific fine-tuning, if needed.

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